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About Digital Art / Student Lydia l.Female/United States Groups :iconvioleteyeliner-anime: violeteyeliner-anime
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Genderswapped Calibri and Cicero by Violyd Genderswapped Calibri and Cicero :iconviolyd:Violyd 5 6 Vengeful continuum by Violyd Vengeful continuum :iconviolyd:Violyd 4 2 Halloween doodles by Violyd Halloween doodles :iconviolyd:Violyd 6 2 Alone in a crowd by Violyd Alone in a crowd :iconviolyd:Violyd 6 0 Timeline Creature by Violyd Timeline Creature :iconviolyd:Violyd 7 2 Mermaid by Violyd Mermaid :iconviolyd:Violyd 5 0 Calibri shina fusion by Violyd Calibri shina fusion :iconviolyd:Violyd 4 2 Patience Eldertale  by Violyd Patience Eldertale :iconviolyd:Violyd 6 4 The wicked mother and her child by Violyd
Mature content
The wicked mother and her child :iconviolyd:Violyd 7 6
Just a fool by Violyd Just a fool :iconviolyd:Violyd 5 0 Cambria Cicero fusion by Violyd Cambria Cicero fusion :iconviolyd:Violyd 3 2 Justice Cicero fusion EDIT HER NAME IS CREED by Violyd Justice Cicero fusion EDIT HER NAME IS CREED :iconviolyd:Violyd 5 5 Calibri marker drawing by Violyd Calibri marker drawing :iconviolyd:Violyd 5 0 Karma by Violyd Karma :iconviolyd:Violyd 5 0 Continuum  by Violyd Continuum :iconviolyd:Violyd 5 4 Time and Flare fusion by Violyd Time and Flare fusion :iconviolyd:Violyd 5 2
All my pictures, fan art, and stories, please check them out and comment, thanks! =)


Ondoliad doodles by spaceskeleton Ondoliad doodles :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 30 15 Father of the Year 4: Have a Heart by spaceskeleton Father of the Year 4: Have a Heart :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 178 118 Out of tune by spaceskeleton Out of tune :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 97 58 The Dragonborn Comes by spaceskeleton The Dragonborn Comes :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 101 74 Restless heroes by spaceskeleton Restless heroes :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 207 88 A watchful friend by spaceskeleton A watchful friend :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 175 63 Unexpected company by spaceskeleton Unexpected company :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 116 43 Judging covers by the book by spaceskeleton Judging covers by the book :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 67 35 Scroll of discord by spaceskeleton Scroll of discord :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 287 113 The Vampire Who Cried Wolf by spaceskeleton The Vampire Who Cried Wolf :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 633 187 Margot meets Shadowmere by spaceskeleton Margot meets Shadowmere :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 479 86 Boethiah's Calling by spaceskeleton Boethiah's Calling :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 848 259 The curse of lycanthropy by spaceskeleton
Mature content
The curse of lycanthropy :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 483 131
Margot's combat style by spaceskeleton Margot's combat style :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 522 166 Disrespecting the law by spaceskeleton Disrespecting the law :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 344 104 The real problem with giants by spaceskeleton The real problem with giants :iconspaceskeleton:spaceskeleton 250 102
pictures I think are uniqe, or interesting, they were made by a friend in real life, it's cute, or I just happen to have a little obbsession over the subject, and lastly if it's multiple of the previous reasons. ^^'


I don’t know what to do.... :( my dad is very angry with me and there is shit I can. Do about it.... it’s out of my control, god he scares me sometimes with how angry he gets.... he thinks I’m lazy and irresponsible.... I just got my first job a month ago and for the first time he didn’t have a reason to call me lazy.... but I have a horrible immune system and get sick easily... and really badly so... I had to go home early today and I had to ask for a ride home from my dad and he threw a fit at me while I’m the car. It’s not like I can fully control my health... I was throwing up in the fricking bathroom before I called him... I even tried taking medicicine and waiting it out... but I can’t just keep working after vomiting... and hell knows who I could get sick staying.... he’s mad at me I’m mad at me.... I wish I wasn’t so damn sick... I wish I could make him happy for once in his goddama life....
Genderswapped Calibri and Cicero
Thought this would be funny XD it came out interesting, another addition to my inktober collection I guess... not really having time to draw every day, but I'm trying... not using any kind of prompt either... just whatever comes to my head when I have time to sit down.

Oh and as for their names after the swap I imagine Calibri becomes caliber and Cicero might just stay the same :P
Vengeful continuum
"I will show you the same amount of mercy you once showed me... that is none... you brought this on yourself... now it is time to pay for your actions... I'm sorry... old friend."

Sort of for an rp? Lol. an idea of whatcould have happened in a discontinued rp of mine XD maybe I'll finish it with my friend one day but oh well.

((Guess I can call this inktober? Won't be drawing everyday because I got work but I'll try to be a little more active than last month.))
Hey guys! So October is right around the corner and I feel like I should try to do a little challenge for next month... not entirely sure what, thought I might let you guys decide. Was thinking either inktober or something Halloween/horror themed, or maybe something unrelated to either, you chose! If you have any ideas comment them below :3 talk to you guys later :)
Timeline Creature
a new character... creature created by the remnants of a shattered timeline. don't have a name for them yet.
Hoi! Sorry for the lack of activity! I got a new job recently and the schedule is a bit hectic XD also been playing lots of skyrim :) but once the schedule evens out in a few weeks, I'll try to be on more frequently. Cya!

~violyd out~
Hmmm... my birthday is on the 1st :) I'm trying to figure out what I should do to celebrate on here.... thinking of drawing something special but I can't think of what.... that or another event like requests or art trades.... if I had the experience to do a contest or something I might do that XD ((winner would get a drawing from me....) anyways I have no idea what to do. Suggestions are welcome! :3
Anyone following me gonna watch the eclipse?
I think I'm addicted to skyrim now! Halp XD lol I'm tired guys, I should sleep :P but I was on my way to find a new shout, I keep getting lost and going in circles :P
Practicing intricate linework with fine liners, highlighting with the white paint marker and backgrounds :3 I think this came out good.... I need to work on lighting around the face... to me it looks a little messy.
Ok.... I'm gonna explain that vague vent status I posted.... I don't want you guys to worry about me.... I'm just having a bit of a hard time and there is to many things going through my head right now.... my birthday is in a couple of weeks.... and usually I'm really excited for it.... but my family is in a very very hard financial slump.... my mom lost her job because her company denied her leave of absence while she was injured.... so everything is really tight.... I've been graduated from high school for a year now.... and I still haven't been able to get funds for collage.... I mean I was a good student in high school... I got good grades even got some scholarships.... but even with those.... tuition is too expensive.... and any attempt at my family getting me a loan has been denied... :(

I've been trying to get a job.... but I'm so scared.... my depression has been kicking me harder recently for unexplainable reasons.... and I think I've had a few panic attacks.... I haven't told my parents.... I'm taking medicine that's supposed to help.... and it had been.... but just these past few days it's really hit me hard despite it.... I feel like I should have a job already.... I feel like I'm wasting my time.... and I just feel like I'm a burden on my family.... I'm not making any money of my own and I'll be like 20 in a few weeks..... I don't feel 20..... god I don't know how to be freaking adult and that scares me.... too much scares me.... I want to keep going forward but I feel like everything is blocking the path..... I don't know how.... it's unlikely I'll even have anything to look forward to for my birthday just because my family literally can't afford to do anything.... :')

Anyways god that was awful and I'm probably just worrying you guys worse.... I'm sorry...
Do you ever just kind of just feel like a burden.....?

I don't know what's wrong with me but I feel so depressed ATM..... :/…

Read this it's important.... there is a dangerous phishing/ransomeware bot going around da masquerading as thousands of old abandoned da accounts..... do not fall for their trap. This link leads to a journal about the bots and what they do.... I myself have run into one before I knew about these bots and blocked them because I thought they were suspicious......
Which of my ocs would you guys like to know more about?.... any questions you guys have about them? I want to hear and hopefully answer them :)
Patience Eldertale
The second daughter of the night mother and one of the five sacrifices... was reborn in Valenwood and adopted into a royal family...
The wicked mother and her child
The nightmother and her oldest daughter before um... death ....>>'

That is child Eldertale Justice.... and she is one of the five sacrifices .... she is reborn in skyrim thousands of years later at the same time as her other siblings.... in a ironic twist of fate she is found and brought into the dark brotherhood as a child on the streets of Falkreath village.

Should I put a mature content filter on this....... >>' I think I've startled someone.........

Ok I'm gonna put a mature content filter..... just to be safe.... I mean I know the subject is dark but there wasn't anything graphic..... so I thought it was ok....... 😕😐


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Lydia l.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My cousin told me to do this...along with other friends, so now I'm here
Hello DA! Watchers and other curious people! Been a while since I updated this! Want to thank wonderful people for wonderful feed back, it's much appreciated!

The thing I love most about sharing my art is learning what others notice about it, wether it be how I drew something, the characters, or the story I usually try to put behind each peice, or maybe something even I wouldn't have noticed had not been told. I love hearing back from viewers!

So not to sound too whiny, fav's are nice and appreciated, but your comments are treasured!

Well good day DA, and have fun being an artist. :)
Bit of an experiment but it has been fairly quiet this summer and I've been bored. It's come to my attention I haven't done much for requests in a while and haven't done much to interact with my watchers :)

So I'm gonna be doing a thing this summer, probably will officially end it September 1st.

But send me in your ocs or favorite characters for me to fuse together :)

The one requirement for me to take your request is that you send in an image reference of the characters.

I can't wait to see what you guys bring to me! :)


hey guys! this has been off to a great start! I've already taken and finished 3 requests! and there is still plenty room for more before the end of august! I'll be re-posting this journal everyday so that everyone has a chance to make a request, but to make it more interesting i will be adding the pictures of the fusions I've created to this journal as I finish them :3 along with links to the to the character references you send me, so anyone who checks this journal out can also see your art. if you do not wish the links to your art to be in the journal just message me and I will edit your links out. but in any case, i hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter for those of you on the opposite side of the world!) feel free to share news of these requests with friends if you wish... this is not exclusive to only watchers... XD

((but if you did watch me I would be very very very happy about it!))

~Violyd out

Patience G!Cane fusion by Violyd
G!Cane by :iconunderfan456:  Gaster!Cane (Casual) by Underfan456
Patience by me! :iconviolyd:  Swapfell Patience by Violyd

OC fusion for Dont-Matter2 by Violyd
Starry Sky and Berry Cream by :icondont-matter2:
Starry Sky by Dont-Matter2 BerryCream by Dont-Matter2

Artsy-shumi oc fusion by Violyd
Gingakei and Alexandra by :iconartsy-shumi:
Gingakei reference by Artsy-Shumi Alexandra Ref sheet by Artsy-Shumi
Ok guys :3

I just want to thank you all again for 100+ watchers. I never thought I would be here with you folks five years ago when I made this account....

Anyways, I've had the message up for quite a while now about this group picture and I've gotten all the requests I need and I'm pretty sure no one else is interested at the moment... so I'm going to close the requests and start work on the big picture!

If everything goes according to plan I will have it ready by like.... Monday? I'm bad at scheduling and things have been chaotic and hard to plan.... so I'll try to keep my word on that but I'll announce if things take a turn for the worse and it's delayed....

If not and everything goes smoothly well... you'll be seeing a new picture in my gallery sometime this weekend or early next week :3

Thanks for everything!

Hello everyone! It has come to my attention I have passed 100 watchers, specifically I now have 120! Which is amazing and I have never felt so grateful!!! You guys are so amazing and I wanted to do something to celebrate! Celebrate you! So I am going to draw a group picture of our characters if anyone is interested. I posted a status update that a couple people have noticed about this subject. And I will share the post in this journal.... in any case I will choose about ten characters randomly ((using a number generator)) or if less than that happen to be the only ones interested I will simply draw everyone's character. :)

There are only a few rules ((pretty standard and whatnot))

-must be a watcher ((new watchers are perfectly welcome))

-must write a journal about this journal/status post

-must provide their characters reference picture.

And that is all :3

The reason I made this journal is because it is a bit more permanent and more noticeable than a status post, I'm not entirely sure if most you guys read my status posts so a journal is safer and easier to find.

But incase you want to see the original status it's right here!…

Though i don't see why as it really has the same exact info as in this journal.

But anyways, Thank you all so much!!!

((Reposting this in hopes more people notice!))

My friend is doing a thing with skeleton ocs to celebrate reaching 100 watchers!!!

You can check out their journal here :3

typhlosionexplosions.deviantar… is stealing art from all over the web. I had three drawings of my oc Verdana stolen. I suggest you look up your usernames on the site to see if they took anything from you.

Welp... now I have to watermark all like... 500 pieces of art I've ever submitted on here..... aaaahg.

SwapTale Helvetica (now Verdana) ref by Violyd

Verdana and her void squad by Violyd

More Rp doodles SwapFell? by Violyd

These are the ones they stole... that I could find atlest.


Ok please read!

Listen please don't go to

It is a scam phishing site. Don't give them your information. There is a petition being made to take payposter down.

Please sign it!!!…

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