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About Digital Art / Student Lydia l.Female/United States Groups :iconvioleteyeliner-anime: violeteyeliner-anime
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Molag Dagon fusion by Violyd Molag Dagon fusion :iconviolyd:Violyd 3 0 Namiryite fusion by Violyd Namiryite fusion :iconviolyd:Violyd 2 0 Boephala fusion by Violyd Boephala fusion :iconviolyd:Violyd 2 4 Akazura fusion by Violyd Akazura fusion :iconviolyd:Violyd 4 2 Continuum and Malover by Violyd Continuum and Malover :iconviolyd:Violyd 6 0 Trontale Helvetica by Violyd Trontale Helvetica :iconviolyd:Violyd 13 10 Malover patron of the wilds and the hunt by Violyd Malover patron of the wilds and the hunt :iconviolyd:Violyd 4 4 Continuum (time space fusion) by Violyd Continuum (time space fusion) :iconviolyd:Violyd 5 2 Battle stance Calibri by Violyd Battle stance Calibri :iconviolyd:Violyd 5 0 Calibri and cicero by Violyd Calibri and cicero :iconviolyd:Violyd 3 0 Eldertale Justice by Violyd Eldertale Justice :iconviolyd:Violyd 4 0 Calibri as a dancer by Violyd Calibri as a dancer :iconviolyd:Violyd 2 0 Off too battle! by Violyd Off too battle! :iconviolyd:Violyd 3 0 Fraktur concepts by Violyd Fraktur concepts :iconviolyd:Violyd 1 0 Ok so I might like a certain crazy jester by Violyd Ok so I might like a certain crazy jester :iconviolyd:Violyd 3 0 Fusions continuum and Calibri by Violyd Fusions continuum and Calibri :iconviolyd:Violyd 4 2
All my pictures, fan art, and stories, please check them out and comment, thanks! =)


Clavicus vile by Skitamine Clavicus vile :iconskitamine:Skitamine 7 0 BlizzardCat Pg.87 by APEX-Knight BlizzardCat Pg.87 :iconapex-knight:APEX-Knight 44 5 King of the forest by Nieris King of the forest :iconnieris:Nieris 1,746 49 Even more doodles by putt125 Even more doodles :iconputt125:putt125 68 10 I can see you're logged in! by zarla I can see you're logged in! :iconzarla:zarla 2,745 544 Waiting for Mom by ClockworkWasteland Waiting for Mom :iconclockworkwasteland:ClockworkWasteland 14 8 Spiral by The-NoiseMaker Spiral :iconthe-noisemaker:The-NoiseMaker 172 11 Fellswap!Chaser by CyaneWorks Fellswap!Chaser :iconcyaneworks:CyaneWorks 101 103 Disolve by N0phex Disolve :iconn0phex:N0phex 2 0 Trontale logo by Chaz4eva Trontale logo :iconchaz4eva:Chaz4eva 11 8 Trontale Sans by Chaz4eva Trontale Sans :iconchaz4eva:Chaz4eva 11 22 Trontale Papyrus by Chaz4eva Trontale Papyrus :iconchaz4eva:Chaz4eva 12 23 Crimson by Chaz4eva Crimson :iconchaz4eva:Chaz4eva 2 0 Rin  by KademaKeels1 Rin :iconkademakeels1:KademaKeels1 2 0 Celtic Cover by AikaArfeiniel Celtic Cover :iconaikaarfeiniel:AikaArfeiniel 53 101 Pre-Skyrim Cicero by Rita-Sanderson Pre-Skyrim Cicero :iconrita-sanderson:Rita-Sanderson 22 1
pictures I think are uniqe, or interesting, they were made by a friend in real life, it's cute, or I just happen to have a little obbsession over the subject, and lastly if it's multiple of the previous reasons. ^^'


Molag Dagon fusion
Fusion of Molag Bal and Mehrunes dagon.... probably one of the most evil fusions I've made so far XD
Boephala fusion
Mephala and boethiah fusion, I've been making a lot of these :3 trying to fuze all the gods from the elderscrolls series, the next one I'll be posting should be up soon...
Akazura fusion
Ok first elderscrolls fusion that doesn't involve ocs! :D this is a fusion between Akatosh and Azura as suggested by my friend :iconnightshade1208:
Random life update!

Making blueberry waffles 🙃💜 lol
Continuum and Malover
They are fairly close to eachother... friends... maybe closer but neither is quite ready to admit it.
Trontale Helvetica
A healer capable of restoring small pieces of corrupted code.... she is resistant to corruption ((though not immune, just more tolerant to it.... and it takes more for corruption to get past her defenses))

Trontale belongs to my friend :iconchaz4eva:
Malover patron of the wilds and the hunt
Another fusion, this time trying to make a forest king of sorts.... fusion between Hircine and my friends oc Candara and even though it took quite a while it came out great! :D
Battle stance Calibri
Calibri in battle, mostly uses that sword, some destruction magic and she can use her wings as a shield or to push enemies away when she has them summoned, of course this also includes the obvious ability to dodge attacks by taking flight.
Ok so guys I want to warn you all.... I've been getting notifications from people I watch that apparently if you log out of DA right now you will get locked out.... so I suggest staying logged in if it is possible for you to do so!.... apparently da is fighting the battle for net neutrality and this may be a reason why it is locking people out?? I don't want to make assumptions but I dearly hope this doesn't last too long D:
I'm bored 🙃

Any ideas what I should draw?..... :P should i do draw the squad thing? Who should I draw XD ahhhhhhh so many things running through my head :P
Calibri and cicero
Calibri is protective of the jester... she took care of him as a child before he even became an assissin.... and she taught him many things about the brotherhood... he was like the little brother she never had...
Calibri as a dancer
Shhhh..... she's undercover.... don't tell anyone it's her!

I imagined she dressed as a dancer while her and some other brotherhood assissins were on a complicated contract and there was need for a major distraction at a party of some kind in order to pull it off.... in anycase she made a very successful distraction.... despite the fact She doesn't dance often She is fairly good at it.
Off too battle!
Calibri, fraktur and Cicero off to fight someone and looking epic while doing it!
Ok so I might like a certain crazy jester
So was doing an Eldertale rp with a friend involving the dark brotherhood and I just loved how my friend acted as Cicero and I had this cute headcannon that my vampire listener has been in the brotherhood for a long time and met Cicero when he was a child and just decided to take care of him, like as an older sister and mentor, and I drew this little thing based on her first meeting with him X3


Violyd's Profile Picture
Lydia l.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My cousin told me to do this...along with other friends, so now I'm here
Hello DA! Watchers and other curious people! Been a while since I updated this! Want to thank wonderful people for wonderful feed back, it's much appreciated!

The thing I love most about sharing my art is learning what others notice about it, wether it be how I drew something, the characters, or the story I usually try to put behind each peice, or maybe something even I wouldn't have noticed had not been told. I love hearing back from viewers!

So not to sound too whiny, fav's are nice and appreciated, but your comments are treasured!

Well good day DA, and have fun being an artist. :)
Ok guys :3

I just want to thank you all again for 100+ watchers. I never thought I would be here with you folks five years ago when I made this account....

Anyways, I've had the message up for quite a while now about this group picture and I've gotten all the requests I need and I'm pretty sure no one else is interested at the moment... so I'm going to close the requests and start work on the big picture!

If everything goes according to plan I will have it ready by like.... Monday? I'm bad at scheduling and things have been chaotic and hard to plan.... so I'll try to keep my word on that but I'll announce if things take a turn for the worse and it's delayed....

If not and everything goes smoothly well... you'll be seeing a new picture in my gallery sometime this weekend or early next week :3

Thanks for everything!

Hello everyone! It has come to my attention I have passed 100 watchers, specifically I now have 120! Which is amazing and I have never felt so grateful!!! You guys are so amazing and I wanted to do something to celebrate! Celebrate you! So I am going to draw a group picture of our characters if anyone is interested. I posted a status update that a couple people have noticed about this subject. And I will share the post in this journal.... in any case I will choose about ten characters randomly ((using a number generator)) or if less than that happen to be the only ones interested I will simply draw everyone's character. :)

There are only a few rules ((pretty standard and whatnot))

-must be a watcher ((new watchers are perfectly welcome))

-must write a journal about this journal/status post

-must provide their characters reference picture.

And that is all :3

The reason I made this journal is because it is a bit more permanent and more noticeable than a status post, I'm not entirely sure if most you guys read my status posts so a journal is safer and easier to find.

But incase you want to see the original status it's right here!…

Though i don't see why as it really has the same exact info as in this journal.

But anyways, Thank you all so much!!!

((Reposting this in hopes more people notice!))

My friend is doing a thing with skeleton ocs to celebrate reaching 100 watchers!!!

You can check out their journal here :3

typhlosionexplosions.deviantar… is stealing art from all over the web. I had three drawings of my oc Verdana stolen. I suggest you look up your usernames on the site to see if they took anything from you.

Welp... now I have to watermark all like... 500 pieces of art I've ever submitted on here..... aaaahg.

SwapTale Helvetica (now Verdana) ref by Violyd

Verdana and her void squad by Violyd

More Rp doodles SwapFell? by Violyd

These are the ones they stole... that I could find atlest.


Ok please read!

Listen please don't go to

It is a scam phishing site. Don't give them your information. There is a petition being made to take payposter down.

Please sign it!!!…
So maybe some of the people who I would normally talk to regularly, or those of you who don't talk much but love to see my art!~ .....

You are probably curious why my activity on this site is so sporadic and why I suddenly just drop conversations and rps like nobody's business or how I post art in random bursts and take requests that I never get around to...

So while technically... it's not because I'm busy.... but I am very easily able to get tired and lose motivation when I am stressed.

Why am I stressed you must wonder now?

Well one piece of the puzzle is my anxiety... I'm not sure if it's just general anxiety or something more specific like social anxiety. I've never had a chance to get tested for a diagnosis.... but the symptoms and my behavior point to this.

Second and most prominent factor at the moment is family issues. I love my family it's not their fault and it's nothing bad about them. But I feel I should explain what's happening.

My 85 year old grandmother live with me, and my parents. She's very frail. She's had two hips replaced broken her back multiple times... has scoliosis and arthritis. On top of this she has severe dementia.

To anyone who doesn't know what dementia is... imagine your brain growing holes... like physical holes.... that is dementia... her memory is deteriorating, along with her ability to move around and if she ever moves out of our house she is going to a nursing home no questions asked.

My grandmother has been having constant back pain for three weeks now, she's been to the hospital twice and gotten no answers. As well as the doctor at least 3 times and been visited by a nurse... she isn't sleeping, she's hardly eating, and she is having delusions.

I am at home watching my grandmother for a majority of the day while my parents are at work... I have to make sure she doesn't hurt herself, explain things a hundred times over to her and hope she understands my answers, feed her despite her really screwed up schedule, and hold my temper or my tears when she starts getting delusional and accusing...

It's very exhausting... I'm not a nurse but I feel like one when i have to watch her so closely... it's really scary, because I don't know When it's going to get worse ((not if, when.... dementia can only get worse... if she doesn't die from something before it gets to another stage she will eventually be behaving like a baby... and before that she is going to forget who we are... and that thought is also terrifying...

Like damnit I'm crying right now.

So yah... this is why I go "radio silent" so frequently sometimes.....


-----------------------edit 2/25/2017

So my gradnmother went to the hospital again last night.... this is the third visit... she is coming home today. My grandmother has continued to be demanding and delusional. We are wondering if the pain is in her head instead of something physical because she keeps saying the pain is in different areas and it's painful for different reasons... insurance isn't gonna cover her being in the hospital for a re-evaluation of her demnetia or for evaluation for a nursing home.... nor will anyone help us pay to put her in a nursing home even though she needs it.

I'm so tired guys... last night was the first full night of sleep I got this past week. I didn't know she went to the hospital until I woke up this morning... I slept through the ambulance coming to pick her up.

We think this might be an act she is pulling because she wants to move and she can't.... do she is making this difficult on purpose.... -_-'

I'll see if her behavior changes now but I'm doubting it... another thing is that none of the nurses or doctors are seeing her true nature because she changes her attitude while they are present. It's called "honeymooning" basically she acts all nice and sane while the doctors or people she doesn't see regularly are present... they don't see the evidence of what she does when she is home with only my family. So they have no "evidence" to fund her for re-evaluation. They have to have proof of this behavior while a doctor is present... but she doesn't show it while they visit her.

--------------------- edit 2/25/2017 part 2

Welp nanny had difficulty getting out of bed and was acting difficult while alone in the room with my mom... she was about to be released from the hospital until she started crying in pain again.... so the discharge was canceled and the doctors coming back to talk with us and her.....
--------------------- edit 3/14/2017

So my grandmother is at it again after three weeks... she apparently believes my dad is evil incarnate and is trying to give her too many pills or too few depending on who asks and when :/

I find it ironic (not) that she has gotten ugly again after occupational therapy stopped coming (( they've been coming twice a week for three weeks now to help her rehabilitate from when she went to the hospital)for the third time...... in two weeks... for no legitimate reason than her back hurt.....) and she threatened to call the ambulance again tonight for he same faaaacking reason.... the even better news is that good old me will be home alone with her tomorrow.... give me distractions ... please just I don't want to think about this

((Btw there is no way in hell shes going to let anyone in the family sleep tonight. If she's up we're all up and the old lady makes sure of it by screaming, yelling and knocking our doors and coming in uninvited to our bedrooms demanding medicine :^)

I've been hiding in my bedroom with a chair from the kitchen blocking my door so she doesn't try to barge in :)



-----------------edit 3/15/2017

Hell has upgraded into her hating the entire family, my parents and I are now apparently evil uncompassionate wardens imprisoning her in this house ((even the dog is in on it)),we woke up to her sitting in her walker with a coat on with a backpack next to her apparently waiting for someone ((no one )) to pick her up and move her.....

It's like 5:30 am...

She called my uncle to spread lies about the care we're giving her (uncle and his family knows what's up with her dementia, don't worry >>') but she told my mom to talk to him and when she didn't like what my mother was telling my uncle (the truth) she started screaming to give the phone back and hitting her. Like smacking my mom. ((Didn't hurt physically but it still scared the hell out of me to watch my grandmother do that.))

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