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All my pictures, fan art, and stories, please check them out and comment, thanks! =)


pictures I think are uniqe, or interesting, they were made by a friend in real life, it's cute, or I just happen to have a little obbsession over the subject, and lastly if it's multiple of the previous reasons. ^^'


Friends Valentine by Violyd
Friends Valentine
Romance is not the only form of love, let's not forget family and friends everyone, you may be single (like moi) but don't ever assume you are unloved! Because I am certain you have Family and Friends that appreciate you, and love you to pieces!
Have some fluff Valentine! by Violyd
Have some fluff Valentine!
I am really liking this valentines series!

I wonder how many I can do in a day?

send me requests!!!!!!!
Valentine's request from PokeHeartless by Violyd
Valentine's request from PokeHeartless
Frisk and Asriel, my first time drawing goat son! :3

all I can say is this came out so adorable!!!!
Apparently I have been accepted into the trash kingdom! One of my comic pages has made it into someone's 'cringe' collection, which according to the troll is where trash goes... Lol

really, I'm honored, I always knew since I saw the game and started fangirling I was Undertale trash, now my comic is where it belongs...

with all of its fellow Undertale trash...

(( lol... Pretty sure it was a troll...X3 but I really don't care that much, I'm actually laughing...))
VoidedTale 45 the void has company by Violyd
VoidedTale 45 the void has company
Introducing the AUs.....underfell and Underswap

The void can't even comprehend how to deal with this many visitors.....

I wonder what happens next?......
VACATION!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooo!
Who's ready to rp this week? :3
And btw I'm out of school now, I can respond now X3
Early release.... Anyone want to rp?
Rp doodles love and war by Violyd
Rp doodles love and war
This.... This has been begging to be drawn since this weekend....

I don't even know what to feel........
How are my peeps today? :3

I hope you are doing fabulous!
Well.... Not much more to say.... Schools out, so I'm free to rp now :3
VoidedTale comic needs some input.....
How would you guys feel if the next arcs jump into the viewpoints of one of the AUs? Or do you guys think the story will flow better continuing directly from Helvetica and Gasters view?

I need feedback..... :|

This comic is more reader driven than I think some people realize.......

I hope you guys have enjoyed he past 45 or so pages.....

Seriously guys, this is a dream come true.... I never imagined ever accomplishing something this huge before......

A ton of thanks to all the people who read this thing! :3
I'm bored :|


meh.... :3
Is anyone on to rp? Sorry I keep getting pulled away to do other things...... XD

I'm bored :|


have some Skeles....

Big bro Sans and Little Papyrus Icon Littletale WD Gaster icon 
Sing we now a strange duet by Violyd
Sing we now a strange duet
Happy early Valentine's Day!

my first order of business.....draw the precious cinnamon rolls singing phantom of the opera ;3.  <<<333

not that anyone can tell...... But it's sparkly and shiny and pretty! 8D
Swapfell duo by Violyd
Swapfell duo
Too cute!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Violyd's Profile Picture
Lydia l.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My cousin told me to do this...along with other friends, so now I'm here
Hello DA! Watchers and other curious people! Been a while since I updated this! Want to thank wonderful people for wonderful feed back, it's much appreciated!

The thing I love most about sharing my art is learning what others notice about it, wether it be how I drew something, the characters, or the story I usually try to put behind each peice, or maybe something even I wouldn't have noticed had not been told. I love hearing back from viewers!

So not to sound too whiny, fav's are nice and appreciated, but your comments are treasured!

Well good day DA, and have fun being an artist. :)
I usually don't celebrate because I'm forever alone..... But

i now have a variety of OCs at my disposal to ship to my hearts content.....

so so any Suggestions? 

List them in the comments below please and I shall draw them!

when is Valentine's Day anyways? I would laugh if I already missed it XD, I'm just that derpy......
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I was tagged.....
well here goes nothing.... Probably not tagging anyone else! XD

**arist is too lazy to list full rules, basically list 13 things about yourself then answer 13 questions....

1. I like pie
2. the longest comic I have ever made is currently 40 pages long... VoidedTale!!!! Wooooo! Anyways
4. I skipped 3 >:3
3. Jk I put them out of order! Hahahahaha
5. I'm really bored right now....
6. My least favorite chore is doing the dishes...
7. My most favorite chore is walking my dog! He's the most amazing fluff ball in the world!
8. I don't watch tv that often anymore, you will find me watching YouTube more...
10. I love seafood (sushi is like my favorite, but not the yucky stuff from the groccery store... Blah...)
11. Undertale is awesome!
12. I might have an obbsession with WD Gaster...
13. I forgot something.... >:3

now for questions! :3

1. Favorite animal!
fluffy ones! Dogs, cats, horses, bunnies! ... The list could go for a while...
2.worst nightmare...
those weird dreams where you are falling for an eternity and then you wake up are pretty scary... And then the ones where you are lost in a place that is a fusion between two places you know really well in real life...
~~~I stole the cookie from the cookie jar! ~~~ >:3
4.ever seen a food fight?
nope, my school life has been boring...
5. Scarring moment from childhood cartoon...
Hmmmmm.... There was this one really weird episode of tom and Jerry where tom basically dies and has to prove he can be good to go to heaven..... It was a really weird episode, but as a kid I had a nightmare of it the first time I saw it! XD
6. Guilty pleasure...
my sweet tooth and chocolate are my otp :3
7. When I grow up I will be!.....
hopefully an animator.... Comic artist.... Urmm.... Web designer? I want to do art as a serious thing actually! :3 super power.... Teleportation please!
9. One wish! Hmmmmm.... Go to collage for free!
10.cartoon crush... Does the mysterious Wing Ding Gaster of Undertale count?
11.VOCALOID!....... I know of it..... I don't listen to it that much.....
12.religion? Christian :3
((Jesus is bea for real guys!!!))
(come at me haters! >:3)
what! Where?!
*looks out window
**it's snowing....
((ps I am an alien!))
lol jk...I is human
If you really want to do this go ahead but I'm to lazy to tag people...
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This will help me relieve boredom and get inspiration for my comic... Sort of going out on a limb here and hoping someone catches me! ((I might even add scenes from the rp into the VoidedTale storyline :3 it might not go exactly like like the rp, but if you want your character you have been RPing as to be in the comic notify me! :3))

I will probably take the role of one of the skelewoman (Helvetica, Verdana, or Arial...) and will try to fit the role of other characters if I need too!.. You can be your own Undertale oc or any of of the Undertale crew (including au's ) just let me know if interested! And tell me who you plan to be!... 

Explaining my characters:

Helvetica: the main skelewoman from my comic. She is trapped in the void with her husband Gaster and they are working together to find a way out. Taking pit stops along their journey to different timelines and AUs, trying their best to find or create the best possible timeline in each scenario. I guess they are trying to be heroes in a sense. Her personality is confident optimist, though her determination is only as high as it is because she has her hubby with her... Without him she becomes a worried wreck...this is the character I will default to playing unless if requested to rp someone else...or if I have created a new character and need to set their personality straight... Which I have done before and will probably do again!

Arial: Helvetica's Underfell alternate. She died before the void accident to the hands of a human. As a spirit she has watched her husband go mad in the void. Underfell Gaster after discovering the timelines, decided that he would search for a way to bring his wife back to life instead of search for a way out, and this quest has been driving him crazy. As a spirit Arial can't do much to help her husband, but she continues searching for a way to contact him, and find some way to help him move on... When he finally accepts that Arial must say goodby, then she can rest in peace...Arial herself has also found ways to interact with the timelines, not as strong of a presence as the VoidedTale duo, but still there enough to make a difference, she is also trying to help...her personality is confident, but more on the cocky side, she is flirt, but only with her husband.

Verdana: Underswap/SwapTale (I think they are the same thing...) Helvetica alternate. She was the Royal scientist who created the core and the machine that banished her to the void. Much like Helvetica, Verdana was caught in the accident with her husband, however, in her case, her husband didn't survive the blast. She blames herself for his death, and is being driven insane by isolation, grief and guilt. She frequently talks to herself...usually in nonsensical gibberish... She has a form of split personality or schizophrenia seeing as she has voices in her head that are tormenting her... She is very sweet, but a major pessimist since the accident... She would search for a happy timeline if she knew one existed her doubt and guilt, she hasn't been able to see the pacifist timelines... And doesn't realize they even exist, she assumes everyone she loves is dead... She needs help... Verdana is very close to the grey npcs like Gonner kid... Though it is possible they are figments of her imagination she created to cope with her madness.... 

New character coming soon......I'll add this fabulous new comer once they appear in the comic, they will be a major role in the upcoming arc... Haven't even drawn them yet... But I can see them! :3


a small skeleton woman wanders the darkness in search of... Anything... She is lost in her own memories... Verdana begins to wake up from her current dream...Verdana is crying for help by Violyd
VoidedTale filler Arials fair well by Violyd
Rp doodles, Verdana speaks gibberish by Violyd
More Rp doodles SwapFell? by Violyd
Rp doodles Verdana's FRIENDS return... by Violyd
Rp doodles Verdanas prison by Violyd
Rp doodles falling into the timeline by Violyd
Rp doodles narrow escape from the void by Violyd
Rp doodles unexpected guests by Violyd
Rp doodles.... I ship it so hard by Violyd

Rp doodles wounded hearts... by Violyd

RP doodles the adventures of Core and Islwyn by Violyd

Rp doodles banishing voices by Violyd

RP Invitation by Violyd

Sing we now a strange duet by Violyd
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Big bro Sans and Little Papyrus Icon Hey, so I know there's a bunch of you reading my comic and stuff, and I have felt so blessed by the amount of love this thing received! (I want to try to upload once a day if possible. Though school might get in the way!)

I have already stated this in multiple places but I want my readers to have a role in this thing! Because VoidedTale works on the basis that Gaster and Helvetica are interacting with time and space through the void, it leaves the door open for practically endless timelines... There is infinite possible outcomes and stories that can be told before the end of the comic, and while I do have a few story arcs in my head, it can't compare to the imagination that can be shared by multiple people's brains!

so I am asking my readers to share their ideas with me! If you have an idea in your head about some epic Undertale au, I would love to hear it! OCs to interact with in the timelines would be cool too. Even if you think your idea is small, please don't be shy to share! I will try to include it in the most magical way possible

please don't feel turned away if you have an Undertale oc but no specific timeline to fit them in, I will try to create a story with whatever you give me to go off of. The same goes for those who have au and timeline ideas, but feel like it won't fit because you don't have your own character to interact with in it. I am more than happy to include timelines with only canon characters! 

I hope this current arc (the sort of freaky friday-ish one ) I am working on gives you an idea of what I can do with your ideas should you choose to share them with me. This timeline was shared with me by pixalitepup here on DA. (So thanks for letting me borrow your ideas! )

and finally a big thankyou to everyone! You are all awesome people and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and happy new year! 
Hug Hug Hug Hug :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Hello! I have already announced this same news in some of the descriptions of my comic, but! I will restate them here!

VoidedTale primarily revolves around Gaster and my OC Helvetica trying to escape the core/void. Along the way they will no doubt run into many timelines, and AU's.

for these au's I need ideas, and characters. I want to involve all the lovely people who have interest in this! 

If if you have an oc that you want to make an appearence,(preferably a monster) let me know in the comments of this journal. (Sending a reference would also be nice!)

If you have an au that you wouldn't mind this comic taking an adventure through, comment that too! Either explain in the comments or send me a link to the au description/theory/story. (I guess the only rule for AUs is it should be your own idea, I don't want to steal anyone's ideas ok? That's why I'm asking people to share, so I have permission to use your theories in my story?) 

well i appreciate you guys reading this even if you don't comment! Well, I have a number of pages to go until I need the au's and stuff... And if nobody comments I'll try to theorize my own XD.

have fun! I can't wait to hear what you have to say! 
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